Business Protection

There is a wide variety of life/health insurances which a business may make use of.  We deal with all of the following:


Keyperson Protection

Insure the life/health of an employee who is responsible for bringing in crucial income to the business.  The policy is owned by the business on the life of the employee and the benefits are paid to the business.


Keyperson Loan Protection

A policy taken out by the business on the life/health of an employee who generates income vital to the repayment of a loan held by the business.


Shareholder Protection

Shareholders of a company insure each others lives in order to provide share purchase capital in the event of death.


Partnership Protection

Shareholder protection for members of a partnership


Relevant Life Plan

Actually a benefit for the employee rather than the business.  This policy is taken out by the employer with the benefits in Trust for the employee’s nominated beneficiary.  As the policy is treated like a pension scheme, it is not a benefit in kind.